I look forward to walking with my husband most every evening after work.  It is during this time that we communicate.  Walking and talking are a great combination.  Rog and I also enjoy hiking and riding bikes in the Black Hills.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget 4-wheeling in the Hills as well.


Horses, horses, horses ….  west river South Dakota is horse country.  From the age of two, I would travel hundreds of miles with my Dad inspecting fields and visiting his “ranch” Ag boys.  Anytime I could get a horse ride, I would take it.  I got my very first horse (cutting mare) at the age of nine and had her until she died at 21.  At that time I was beginning my own family, so did not buy another horse.  When my boys were grown, I invested again in horses and currently own three Quarter horses.  Riding the Black Hills is by far the most rewarding experience.  As an adult I have found horses to be extremely therapeutic.