My name is Marletta Eich.  I was born in Kadoka, SD and lived in Philip until fifth grade.  It was living in this west river country that gave me a sense of appreciation for cattle ranches, horses, and the open prairie.  My family moved to Madison, SD (east river) where miles of prairie grasses were replaced by corn fields.  I attended fifth and sixth grade at Orland and junior high and high school in Madison.  After graduation in 1973, I worked for an abstract company in Sioux Falls, SD.   It was not until I had my own children that the desire to teach was too difficult to suppress.  My mother (a teacher also) had always encouraged me to go into the teaching profession.  My two younger sisters (both teachers) encouraged me as well.  I attended Dakota State University and received my Bachelor of Science Education degree in 1983.  My first two years were spent teaching third grade at St. Thomas School in Madison.  From there I taught fourth grade for seven years in Aberdeen, SD; fifth grade for three years in Chester; and I am currently on my eleventh year of teaching In Madison. I have taught nine years in fourth grade and two in second.

            My Dad, Francis Murphy, was a vocational agriculture teacher.  From the time I could walk into his classroom, I observed the personal relationship he had with each of his students.  There was a mutual respect and friendship.  Not only did this take place with his students, but their parents as well.  He was the first (during the late 50's and 60's) to use "multi-media" and a "hands-on" approach to learning.  I recognized that my instructors were not using those methods.  It was evident to me (even at a young age) how effective these instructional tools could be with students.  I have carried his educational beliefs and practices into my classroom.